Using unlicensed games at online casinos

Using unlicensed games at online casinos

When creating their online casino, businessmen are often tempted to save money. Including the use of unlicensed content. In particular, pirate(copies) slots.

What are the pirate slots?

It’s not about games on pirate themes, with gold chests and a bottle of rum, but unlicensed content. In theory, any company can take a famous and popular game, make a copy of it and start distribution. Such a copy will cost the customer much cheaper. Even if its quality is worse.

A little history

Most of the first online slots were pirate in one way or another. The fact that the developers of casino games a couple of decades ago just copied popular games from ground slot machines. Also, the legislation in this area was working badly.

Over time, developers of software for ground slot machines have learned to protect their copyrights. And developers of online games have realized that the Internet has its specifics and began to develop unique games. Which began to quickly gain popularity.

How are things now?

Copying games of well-known providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, etc., make small groups of programmers. Then they sell these copies to everyone. Often the copies are almost the same as the original. And customers may decide that there is no need to overpay.

The fight against the producers of pirated content is conducted at all levels. First, such activities are prosecuted. Large providers have put the detection of pirates on the flow and already know what measures and in what sequence should be used to block the activities of such firms.

Work is also underway to inform players. They are explained that only licensed software guarantees the absence of fraud and settings in favor of the casino. This method was working and today many online casino players pay attention to the availability of licensed content.

How to detect unlicensed games

First, such games are not downloaded from the server provider. All major game providers give the content from their servers. This is an additional guarantee that the slot has not been modified.

Secondly, there may not be a single jackpot system. It is not mandatory even for licensed providers, but its absence should be suspicious.

Third, you can check the ISP’s website to see if a particular casino is on the list of partners. If it’s not there, then again, it is suspicious.


Despite the fight against unlicensed games, the market is far from being completely transparent. So if you decide to open your casino, you will see “delicious” offers from pirates. Add to the site stolen content or not – it’s up to you. There are risks and you may get claims from the lawyers of large companies.

Betronic Software offers games only from well-known providers. You can see the list of these partner companies in the slots section. We recommend using only licensed content, as it guarantees good prospects for your business.

Author: Willie Ramirez