The history of the emergence of slot machines

The history of the emergence of slot machines

What images appear in the mind at the word “casino”? First of all, the roulette wheel and the rows of slot machines. Both those and others appeared a very long time ago and excite the minds of players from all over the world to this day. Let’s take a look at how slot machines evolved. Or, as they are also called, slot machines (or simply slots).

Slot, translated into English – “slot, slot”. This term was used to designate the hole of the coin acceptor. Throw in a coin, pull the lever and get a prize. Or a pack of sweets. Yes, the term “slot machine” a couple of centuries ago meant not only slot machines, but also vending machines.

Poker Slots

The predecessor of the slot machine was the slot machine developed by Sitman and Pitt in 1891 in New York. These guys decided to transfer the logic of poker into a mechanical device. By rotating the slots, the players tried to get a good combination of cards. But, such a machine is not smart enough to automatically determine the winnings. Therefore, when the desired combination occurred, it was necessary to contact the bartender.

Why the bartender? These machines were installed in bars. And as prizes were given free strong drinks, cigarettes and cigars.

One-armed bandit

It got its nickname because of the lever that must be pulled to start the machine. It is this type of slot machines that has become one of the symbols of gambling around the world. It was invented by Charles Fey of San Francisco in 1887.

What is the main feature of this car? She has only 3 reels, each with 5 different symbols. As a result, the combinations are simple and the machine can independently determine them and give out the winnings. The maximum prize was 50 cents.

Which were paid in ten 5-cent coins. Falling, the coins made a corresponding ringing. He not only made the player happy, but also signaled to others about the opportunity to win. Subsequently, this ringing of coins also became one of the recognizable symbols of gambling.

Fruit vending machines

In online slots, you can often find machines with fruits spinning on the reels. This is not a designer’s whim, but another historical feature. After conventional slot machines were banned, entrepreneurs were frantically looking for an alternative.

The ban on slot machines first appeared in California in 1897. After it was accepted by other states. The reason was that the holders of the machines did not pay taxes on their winnings. And to do this was problematic.

The fruit machine accepts money, but gives away chewing gum with different flavors as prizes. Three cherries dropped – keep the cherry-flavored bubblegum. Legally, it’s just a vending machine that sells gum for money. From the player’s point of view, this is some kind of entertainment. Although, of course, many did not have enough real winnings and the ringing of coins.

Electromechanical slots

An electrically powered slot machine could spin big reels with tons of symbols. A simple electrical circuitry controlled the starting and stopping of the drive. All this made it possible to create large, bright slots with a bunch of different combinations, lighting and sound effects. Such slots became widespread from the 30s to the 70s of the last century.

Modern slots

The first machines with television screens appeared already in the 80s. Thanks to the microchips installed in them, it became possible to achieve a 100% guarantee of random combinations. Both the players and the casino liked this very much. The organizers could be sure that none of the visitors would be able to guess the logic of the automatic machines or break them, which often happened with mechanical versions.

A modern slot machine in 99% of cases is just a computer, placed in a case, in shape and size reminiscent of a classic slot machine. Plus, of course, equipped with a receiver for coins, bills, plastic cards or game tokens. The computer runs the same license slots that can be found on websites. From the same providers like Microgaming, Netent or Aristocrat.

Online Slots

The first online casino Gaming Club was opened in 1995. It was created by the company Miсrogaming, which has been successfully operating to this day. Despite the fact that in those days the Internet was not as popular as it is today, in the first three years the turnover of online casinos reached a billion dollars.

According to statistics, it is slots that bring the lion’s share of profits to modern online casinos. According to some reports, their share reaches 70%.

The future of slots

The most obvious trend is the move to VR. The player puts on a virtual reality headset and is transported to Las Vegas or Macau. Where he twists the handles of the “bandits” with his own hands, communicates with neighbors, listens to pleasant music. For a complete experience, the only thing missing is the opportunity to order a delicious cocktail at the bar. But this is already the next stage in the development of technology.

Author: Willie Ramirez