Promotion of casinos and bookmakers at Instagram

Promotion of casinos and bookmakers at Instagram

According to the data for 2019, the daily audience of Instagram’s social network has exceeded the mark of 500 million users. And it continues to grow despite the competition from Tik-Tok, Likee and other similar services. Everyone sits on Instagram: men and women, schoolchildren and pensioners, your neighbors, and celebrities.

This popular promotion channel is suitable for almost any goods and services. Including gambling. These are the main advantages of using Instagram as an advertising platform:

Quick start. An account is created in minutes, posting content also takes a little time. You can create an advertising campaign with large coverage in half an hour.

A system of recommendations. If your posts will bark, they will be displayed in the recommended ribbon of other subscribers. The hashtag system allows you to promote your content at almost no cost. The main thing is to choose these hashtags correctly.

Having a target audience. In the case of bets on sports and online casinos are men aged 18 to 55 years with a stable income and easy dependence on gambling.

Gambling rules

As on Facebook, gambling advertising on Instagram is prohibited. Here’s a quote from the rules:

“Advertising that promotes or promotes gambling and commercial games and lotteries for real money, including online casinos, betting offices, bingo or poker sites, is only permitted in certain countries with prior written permission. Advertising of permitted gambling, puzzles, or lotteries may only be targeted at people over the age of 18 years in jurisdictions for which permission is granted.”

In the end, it all comes down to local law. This means that you cannot advertise gambling in countries where it is prohibited. And also in the absence of licenses where it is necessary.

Then how do you promote your casino accounts?

To fill an account you use content that is only indirectly related to gambling. For example, the image of large sums of money, expensive cars, beautiful girls, photos from casino halls, and so on. In general, the picture of “beautiful life”. Various “success stories” are used as texts. About how someone just lived, and then decided to take a chance and won a large sum.

Advertising is bought in the same way. As creatives (pictures) used screenshots of mobile banks with large sums of money in the account, photos of men and women who are holding packs of bills, and so on. Video clips are made out in the form of news stories.

Such advertising messages are quickly moderated and do not cause suspicion in the system of automatic verification of ads. Only in case of numerous complaints the account can go to the manual check. The worst thing that can happen as a result – the account will be banned and you will have to start a new one.

Thus, the cycle looks simple and clear. Created an account, bought ads, leaked traffic to the site, repeated all over again.

Methods of promotion in Instagram

Mass Followed

It is concluded in a subscription to a large number of users. If you overdo it, you can easily fall under the sanctions of the social network. So it is better to use this method as an auxiliary rather than the main one.


Buying integrations from opinion leaders (celebrities, athletes, popular bloggers, and fans) can cost a round sum. But this is the most effective way to advertise on Instagram. All subscribers of the blogger see an advertising post (or Soriz) with a casino or bet shop. If you add a bonus to such a post, the conversion will exceed the most daring expectations.

Advertise influencers can not only casinos but also the upcoming major sporting events. Along with the bookmaker odds. If the blogger, in this case, will report that he bet on such an event at such a bookmaker, the effectiveness of such an advertising message will increase dramatically.

Targeted advertising

Make full use of the target’s capabilities. Address advertising to those Instagram users who have already seen your content on other social networks.

Useful services for promotion in Instagram

Ads Manager – manages the advertising campaign from Facebook (it belongs to Instagram).

SocialHammer – a free service for subscribers’ recruitment. You should use it with caution, as Instagram will impose sanctions on your account for the growth of subscribers too quickly.

SMMPlanner – a tool for delayed posting in social networks.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world. You can use it to advertise gambling, but with some restrictions. With a competent approach, this channel can become one of the most effective methods to promote your online casino or bookmaker’s office.

Author: Willie Ramirez