How to rent a bookmaker’s site on the Internet

How to rent a bookmaker's site on the Internet

To start your own business on the Internet, you need start-up capital. This also applies to the bookmaker business, as well as opening its online casino. You need to spend money to buy the platform, hosting, and domain. This is the minimum investment that will be required in 95% of cases.

Rent a site with a sportsbook

But there is another option. You can rent a ready-made site. Some companies, including Betronic Software, offer this service for their customers. Renting a betting site is very popular in some countries. For example, in Turkey or Turkmenistan. Many businessmen from these countries consider this way to start an online business the most convenient.

Compared to buying a platform, renting a site will cost much cheaper.

The advantages of renting a betting website

The main advantage – you can run your website almost instantly. Just contact the manager, pay the rent for the first month, and immediately get a website with a sportsbook.

From the first contact with the manager to start a business in many cases 1 hour is enough!

This rapidity allows you to quickly test the necessary hypotheses. Or check the quality of your traffic. You immediately understand how much it pays off your betting business on the Internet. Do not spend weeks or months on it.

The second advantage is that in addition to the site you also receive 24/7 technical support. Qualified specialists at any time of day will solve your problem or problems of your users.

The cons of such a solution

The website and domain are not your property. This is the downside of saving money. However, a company that offers rental services will in most cases easily sell you both the domain and the site. But it will cost more than a lease.

The second point is that you get a standard solution. This site as much as possible meets the basic needs of visitors. But your audience may have some peculiarities. Or you may not like the design.

It’s also possible to customize the rental betting website. But only for an extra fee.

How to minimize the risks?

What if I don’t manage to extend the rental contract of the site? And the owner will simply give it to another client after the expiry of the contract.

To avoid such situations, it’s enough to follow two rules:

To work only with reliable companies. Which have been working in the gambling market for many years and have proven themselves from the best side.Discuss in advance all the questions that interest you.


Rent a betting website with a sportsbook is a quick and reliable way to start your own business online. Currently, only a few companies offer such a service. But, with the development of the market, the demand for this service will grow. So will the offer.

Betronic Software company is ready to offer you the rent of such a site. Just contact our manager for more details.

Author: Willie Ramirez