How to choose hosting for online casinos

How to choose hosting for online casinos

In one of the articles of our blog we have already told about how to choose the domain for the casino ( ). Today we will talk about how to approach the choice of hosting. This task requires some technical knowledge. As well as understanding the specifics of the gambling industry.

Important point: if you connect the platform from Betronic Software “Turnkey”, the excellent hosting will be provided to you as part of the service. You don’t have to think about where exactly the site is placed and how it is configured. Everything will work quickly and without problems.

What is hosting?

It is technical equipment, a server on the hard drives of which your site is located. Namely, all its files: pages, databases, video and audio materials, scripts, plug-ins, security certificates, and so on.

Such a server is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. Also, it provides backup of data in case of unlikely failures.

How to Connect a Hosting

There are three main options. The first is to install your server. You will need expensive equipment, specialists in its assembly, configuration, and further support. Plus broadband and stable Internet access. This is the most complex and expensive option.

The second way is to rent a hosting from a large provider. Currently, hundreds and thousands of companies offer such services. It only remains to choose the right one for your conditions.

The third way is called collocation. In it you buy, build, and configure the server yourself. But physically place the equipment, not in your office, and the server rack provider. Thus you get the necessary flexibility in setting up and accessing broadband stable Internet at the same time.

Which hosting to choose

Renting a server is not cheap. Therefore, providers often offer to rent only part of the resources of a single computer (shared-hosting). Or install on one physical server several virtual (VPS-hosting). The fewer resources you buy, the cheaper they cost you.

Which hosting to choose – depends on your business tasks. If your casino or betting site will be visited by a large number of people (tens of thousands per day), it is better to give preference to a dedicated server. If the load will be measured by hundreds of visitors per day, then enough and virtual hosting.

Signs of quality hosting

A lot of money goes through gambling sites. A large number of scammers and hackers are trying to crack such sites. So it’s a security issue that’s important.

Good hosting is resistant to hacker hacking and DDoS attacks. For this purpose, servers use data encryption, intrusion detection systems, and network traffic anomalies, as well as various software filters.

Also, hosting must provide high bandwidth traffic. Up to several thousand user visits per second.

The laws of some countries prohibit any activity in the field of gambling. Therefore, hosting providers of these countries refuse casinos and bookmakers in the placement of sites. When choosing a hosting should be considered at this point.

An important characteristic is the presence of competent technical support. Owners of online casinos must be sure that any technical problem will be eliminated in a matter of minutes. Completely avoiding the appearance of technical problems is unlikely to be possible. The main thing is that they are promptly corrected.


Properly chosen hosting is the key to the reliability of your business. When choosing options, you should pay attention to the legality, safety, technical capabilities, and quality of technical support.

Company Betronic Software takes care of the selection of hosting for their customers. But we can also place a betting site or online casino site on any of your platforms. In this case, we will also advise on setting up and protecting your hosting. With us, your casino sites and sports betting sites will work well and smoothly.

Author: Willie Ramirez