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how sports bets work online

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June 5, 2020
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Sports betting is exactly what it sounds like. You place a stake on a sporting event and win a set amount of cash if the team or player you wagered on wins. If the team or the player you placed a bet on doesn’t win, then you lose your bet. You can place an extensive range of different stakes and find a lot of different places to wager and ways to make the gambles. We have compiled this guide to help you understand how do sports bets work. So, let’s dive in!

how sports bets work online

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Simply placing a wager can be a confusing affair — sportsbooks have their lingo, and the systems also vary. Figuring out how to place a bet well enough to make money is another matter completely. How are the odds also determined? Who is responsible for setting the line? What is the percentage of time needed to win to break even? Read on to find out here.

Types of Bets to Place

Plus and Minus Lines – these are line bets most common wagers in sports betting. They are also called spread betting. Most contests get listed with a favorite and an underdog. The favorite gives the points or runs and the underdog gets points or runs.

 An example- Miami vs Dallas

Miami is playing at Dallas and, Dallas is the favorite while Miami is the underdog. The home team is typically listed second. When you place your bet-on Dallas you give away 3 points. This means for you to win; Dallas has to win by 4 or even more points.

If you wager on Miami you get 3 points. Meaning you win only if Miami wins the game outright or if they lose by 1 or even 2 points. You also get to win if the game ends in a tie.

Money Lines – Money lines are a different type of bet where you wager on who you think is going to win the competition. You don’t need to worry about how many runs or points a team wins by on a money line bet. The money line is listed with a plus or minus number, however, they signify how much you need to wager or can win.
Favorites are listed with a minus number while the underdogs are listed with a positive number. It can be confusing to understand how to read the money lines at first.
Over/Under – The over/under is a wager on the combined score of both teams in a match.
Vig – The vig is the key way sportsbooks make a profit. It’s a fee paid when wagering. The fee is then built into money line wagers and it is represented by the difference in the lines. If the favorite is listed at – 200 and the underdog is listed at + 180 the difference between what you may win and have to bet creates an area of profit for the bookie.

The common form of vig is when you wager on plus and minus lines. You need to risk even more than you can win in these situations. The common vig numbers are gambling 110 to win 100 and gaming 105 to win 100.

Where to Place Bets

The key places you can place wagers are in a land-based sportsbook or at an internet sportsbook. The other choices are using a bookie or placing wagers with other people that you know. Land-based sportsbooks are always available in many parts of the world. Online bookies can be accessed on the web.

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