Casino advertising and promotion on Facebook

Casino advertising and promotion on Facebook

Advertising on social networks can bring a lot of target traffic. Here are just the terms for placing gambling ads on most sites that are very difficult. Is it possible to pass moderation and get clients for your casino on Facebook?

Facebook features

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. About 2 billion people use it regularly. Are there any gamblers among them? Of course, they are!

Gambling rules

As with Instagram, Facebook gambling advertising is limited. Here is a quote from the rules:

“Advertising that promotes gambling and commercial games and lotteries for real money, including online casinos, betting offices, bingo or poker sites, is only permitted in certain countries with prior written permission. Advertising of permitted gambling or lotteries may only be targeted at people over the age of 18 years in jurisdictions for which permission is granted.”

In the end, it all comes down to local law. This means that you cannot advertise gambling in countries where it is prohibited. And also in the absence of licenses where it is necessary.

Restrictions are also imposed on the content of advertising materials. You may not, for example, advertise gambling as a way to earn money or as an alternative to working. And usually such calls work best.

Getting traffic from Facebook

Business doesn’t always have the opportunity to get a license for the country where it wants to advertise. However, there are options. They all come down to advertising “safe” products one way or another. From which visitors then go to gambling sites.

Option 1. Advertising apps

Casual games. You can easily advertise ordinary games on Facebook: puzzles, three-in-a-row, monopoly (hasbro), and so on. And you can also embed gambling ads inside these apps. Of course, the conversion will be worse than if you advertise gambling directly. But there’s no problem with passing the moderation.

The most effective way to advertise in mobile applications is to demonstrate offers through the built-in operating system browser in Webview mode.

In the advertisement cabinet of Facebook, it is enough to choose the target “Install an application” and specify the game address in Google Play or App Store.

Option 2. Advertising site

It’s the same terms. You advertise a site where there is no mention of gambling. And when the advertising campaign is moderated – you start to aggressively show visitors ads.

These aren’t all ways. When working with gaming traffic on Facebook, you can find your approach, the main thing – do not be afraid to test ideas.

How about massfollowing and massliking?

Adding a lot of accounts to your friends used to work well. But now it’s easy to get a bath for it. The same goes for spam likes.

What if your Facebook accounts are blocked?

You’ll need more accounts. Use unique proxies, mail addresses, and phones to register. Specialized proxies for Facebook can be purchased on some forums. You can also buy ready-made accounts there. Keep in mind that if there has been some advertising activity on these accounts before, they can be blocked much faster.

To increase the credibility of the account, you can confirm its reality with legal documents. Documents can also be purchased on specialized forums. These documents are checked manually, the check takes 2-3 days.


If you put a lot of experiments and try different variants of advertising integration, you can receive traffic from Facebook. After spending some time, you can find working schemes to attract visitors to your online casino. We wish you success!

Author: Willie Ramirez