10 major mistakes when starting an online casino

10 major mistakes when starting an online casino

If an entrepreneur learns a new type of business for himself, he definitely makes some mistakes. We have collected here the most typical mistakes that businessmen make when opening an online casino. If you only plan to make money in the field of gambling, this list should always be before your eyes.

1. Selecting a non-professional platform provider

There are a lot of offers on the market. Choosing a platform is not only about price and number of options. Also, pay attention to how the provider reacts to your requests to change functionality or design. How quickly and how qualitatively all questions are solved. Try to communicate with other clients of this company and get feedback from them. The more thoroughly you study the provider at this stage, the easier it will be for you to work.

2. A small selection of games

If you offer players only one type of games, you will not be able to interest those players who care about diversity. Try not to limit yourself to popular slots. Add popular games such as blackjack, baccarat, and live casinos. The more choices you make, the easier it is to keep your visitors.

3. Working without a license

Licence is very expensive. Therefore, some businessmen prefer to work without a license. If your business is interested in the representatives of the law – due to lack of a license for gambling you will have major problems. At best, you get off blocking the site. At worst – pay a heavy fine or get jail time. It all depends on the legislation of specific countries.

4. Use of unprotected payment systems

It is worth using only secure and verified payment systems. Which are popular around the world and trusted by players. If you choose little-known payment systems, some of your clients will refuse to replenish their deposits. No one wants to lose their confidential data, especially their credit card number.

5. Bad design

Tricky navigation, non-contrast text, no mobile version, poor quality images. All this can push the player away and encourage him to choose another casino. The design should be bright and attractive, but not at the expense of convenience.

6. Weak technical support

If a player doesn’t get an answer to his question at any time of day and night, he may quickly become disappointed in such a casino. And he will not risk his money. Technical support should work in 24/7 mode and the staff should be exactly enough to close all incoming calls.

7. No protection against hacking

Hacker attacks are not uncommon in today’s world. Almost all sites on the Internet are scanned by various programs regularly. If they detect a vulnerability, the hacker will either crack the site himself or sell the vulnerability to competitors. It is impossible to protect oneself from all problems. But the developer of your platform can quickly close the detected vulnerabilities. It is important to do it promptly.

8. There are no differences from the competitors.

To attract the attention of players your online casino must stand out. VIP-programs, special bonuses for deposits, interesting games. Competition in the gambling market is huge and those who can not interest visitors, just do not survive.

9. Bad marketing

You can have the perfect casino from a technical point of view. But if you do not attract enough players, the money invested in creating the site will not pay off. Take advantage of all the marketing opportunities that the Internet provides. Not all channels will work equally well. But when you look through the options, you will find the source of traffic, which will supply the paying players.

10. Ignoring trends

Technology is changing all the time. VR, mobile applications, live-entertainment, blockchain (and this is not a complete list). If you ignore the rapidly growing trend, it means you lose a potential traffic source. And therefore profit.


To create and promote online casinos will require a lot of efforts. Avoid most mistakes and reduce the burden on the business can be in case you choose a competent provider immediately.

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Author: Willie Ramirez